3 Options For Displaying Your Coin Collection

Posted on: 15 March 2017

If you are a coin collector, making sure that you keep your coins safe and easy to look at is probably really important to you. It can be easy for your collection to grow without having a good plan for storing it, but luckily, one of these three options might work out well for you.

1. Store in a Binder

One good option for storing a coin collection is to keep it in a binder. You can purchase plastic sleeves or cardboard sleeves that will fit into your binder and that will hold your coins in individual "pockets." There are a lot of good things about using a binder to store your collection, such as the fact that your collection will be easy to transport around and that you can easily add more sheets to the binder, switch to another bigger binder, or buy an additional binder as your collection grows. The only disadvantage for many is the fact that it might not be easy to display your binder, although you can place it on a coffee table or on your desk so that it's easy to pick up and look at.

2. Display on the Wall

One popular option for displaying your coin collection is to display it on the wall. You can purchase a nice case that is designed for coin usage and can hang it up on your wall, or you can create your own wall storage system. This can be a wonderful option for showing off your coins and for adding decor to your home, but it can make it difficult to transport your coins, and you could end up using a whole lot of wall space if you have a huge collection.

3. Store in a Drawer Case

There are drawer cases out there that are designed just for showing off coins; many of them are wooden tabletop units that have felt in the drawers, which helps keep the coins in place. These pieces themselves can be quite beautiful, and it can be easy to take coins out and put them back in, but you will have to open the drawers in order to look at your coins, and it might not be the easiest option for transporting your coins, either.

As you can see, if you are looking for the perfect way to store and display your coin collection to the world, you have plenty of options. Consider using one or all three of these storage and organization options for keeping your coin collection safe, in good condition, and easy to access and look at.

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