Opening A Bank? Why You Need Video Banking Services

Posted on: 3 October 2018

Placing money into a bank is something that many people consider to be a required activity. Keeping money in the home can be dangerous because you never know if someone will get wind of your haul and decide to pay you a visit. If you are opening a bank and want to offer your customers the ultimate in convenience, video banking can help you get there. Learn more about the benefits of video banking and you'll see why it's truly the best choice for your new establishment.

Remote Tellers Save Money

If you have a physical banking location you must be prepared for the overhead that comes along with it. Paying the rent on the place can be tough when you are first starting out and if you don't have a lot of capital saved up it can seem nearly impossible to issue a livable wage to the tellers who come in to work for you.

Consider how much more cost-efficient it would be for you to set up an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) which includes a teller who is working remotely from their own home location. There would be no reason to open an actual branch because the remote teller would have the ability to take care of the usual transactions just by tuning in from a remote location. Instead of having to cover expensive overhead fees you could use that money to open more ATM locations around the city. 

Video Banking Reassures Customers

Some banking customers just don't feel comfortable putting their money into a machine and receiving a receipt in return. The transaction might seem foreign and very detached because they want to know that their money was accepted by a real person. Pair this with the difference in time zones across the country and you are truly able to see why it's so important for you to hire remote tellers who can perform video banking activities.

Video banking works both ways. The remote teller is able to see the money going into the ATM while the customer can also view the teller approve the transaction. It's a very reassuring situation that satisfies all parties involved.

Video banking is the wave of the future. Start out by utilizing video banking services for your clients and you should be fully established and ready to meet the demand of technologically savvy customers who want to utilize your banking institution.