Bail Bonds Agencies Help Lower-Income Defendants Secure Pretrial Release

Posted on: 19 July 2021

The concept of paying bail in order to be released from jail is a centuries-old practice. This process was in place in the United States right from the start, since it was a key feature of England's justice system. In order to receive a bail bond, relatives and friends try to gather enough money to secure the defendant's freedom. Today, bail bonds agencies offer another option. A friend or family member can also arrange for release by obtaining a bond that the agency posts in lieu of bail.

Incarceration Without Conviction

A significant number of defendants must stay in jail because they cannot afford bail and live in a state that does not have bail bonds agencies. These individuals have not been convicted of the crime, or they may have only been in a nonviolent offense. Therefore, they remain incarcerated until the case is over.

That situation results in many defendants admitting guilty in order to get a plea bargain negotiation between the district attorney and the defense lawyer. While they have a criminal conviction on their record now, at least they are free.

An Effective Alternative

Licensed bonding agencies provide an effective alternative for people who cannot afford cash bail. The representatives offer compassionate, prompt service. Typically, a friend or relative fills out the application online or in-person since the defendant is behind bars. The fee for the service usually can be made with a down payment and an installment agreement.

To stay out of jail after a bond is posted, the defendant must make all court dates as scheduled and not get into any additional trouble. The court will revoke the bond if the defendant is arrested again.

A Type of Discrimination

Bonding agents understand that the justice system discriminates against defendants who have very little money, keeping them in jail without a conviction. Even though bail is refunded when the case ends, that does not help someone without the means to pay it off right away.

Wealthier defendants pay the cash bail or can use property as collateral to quickly regain their freedom. They return to work and their family obligations, while lower-income individuals often see their lives fall apart.

Concluding Thoughts

Men and women who are struggling financially are exceptionally aware that many essential aspects of life are definitively tied to money. Being unable to secure release from jail before going through their trial is an example that can have profound negative consequences. With the assistance of a bail bonds agency, a defendant can continue earning money, maintaining their household, and taking care of their family.